Gnarliest Photo Contest

16 02 2010

There’s a Gnarliest Photo Contest going on over at Steve in a Speedo?! Gross!

My entry was close to making the top 10, according to an email I got from Steve: “The ones that BARELY MISSED the top 20 were Nathaniel S, Tyler R, Jen G, and Jessica F.  (And right now those 4 are thinking “If I didn’t make it, the top 20 MUST be gnarly!!)”

He was right: the top 20 ARE pretty nasty.  You can look for yourself if you have the guts. Meanwhile, here was my entry:

The “Incident”:

After being sidelined by a foot injury for the ENTIRE 2009 tri-season,
I was really looking forward to crushing some cyclo-cross races.
During a group practice session, my wheel caught the edge of a
concrete sidewalk. I not only went down–HARD–but skidded along the
pavement, head first, into a fixed granite bench. That new Giro helmet
I bought two weeks before? TOAST. Here are some shots of the aftermath
while they were checking out my noggin in the emergency room.




2 responses

18 02 2010

The photos from the contest….let’s just say that I’m glad I had an empty stomach! Yuck!

16 03 2010

Hey- are you nuts ??? Look at you-I have to go into the spine center next week for treatment . Are you working for the next room?? I thought I was tough when I was young but look at me now. Replaced knees and 2 back surgeries- fusions– TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF…..

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