New Year, New Beginnings, New Blog

11 01 2010

Hello, and welcome to my blog! One of my goals this year is to keep it updated! Not sure how I’ll do, but I’m going to start out the New Year with a “Summary of 2009.”

2009 Year End Totals:

– Swim: 82h02m47s; 240,727 yards or 136.776 miles

– Bike: 270h37m10s; 5027.97 miles

– Run: 99h20m02s; 767.89 miles

– Race: 13h45m03s; 210.87miles

– XC-Ski: 11h56m45s; 104.43 miles

– Lifting Weights / Core: 16h15m

Comparison to 2008

Total time was 2 hours less this year. I swam 23,000 yards less but biked 43 hours more for an extra 750 miles. I ran a lot less due to a foot injury that I just couldn’t shake. I ran 58 hours less, which subtracts almost 500 miles. I did the same amount of skiing and a lot more strength / core workouts this year. I raced less and did not do a single swim/bike/run triathlon this year. I was bummed about that, and probably a bit miserable to live with. I did do a bunch of winter triathlons–first time ever, and first time on a mountain bike.  I did a few bike races, a 5k with my injury, an aquabike and a triathlon relay. My 2008 schedule was much busier: a few ski races, a 5k, 4miler and a marathon relay, 2 bike races, 3 triathlons and two half Ironmans (both within a month).  This year became more focused on general fitness and health, with a few races here and there, but mostly spending time with my new daughter, who was born in April ’09.


01/25/2009–Gunstock Winter Triathlon 12th out of 51
02/07/2009–Weston Winter Triathlon 6th
02/22/2009–Weston Duathlon 3rd out of 25
03/01/2009–Pineland Winter Triathlon 3rd out of 25
05/10/2009–Sea Dogs Mothers Day 5k 89 out of 2207
05/31/2009–Peak Performance TT – Scarborough 14th out of 72
06/28/2009–MCC TT – Auburn 19th of 74
09/19/2009–Lobsterman Aquabike 2nd out of 30
09/26/2009–Mainiac Sprint Triathlon Relay, Did swim & bike, run by Gerard 1st out of 11
–Downeast Cyclocross

Triathlon Highlights:
– Did my first every Winter Triathlon
– Rode a Mt. Bike for the first time during a race
– Dealt with a stress fracture injury at the beginning of the season for months with 2 months off from running. Was not easy and took toll on my family as well–grouch? Yeah. This totally changed my goals for the year, axing my entire tri season, but in the end I think it made me stronger physically
– Volunteered at Ironman Lake Placid 2009 (wow–what an experience to watch and think about DOING THIS)
– Signed up for Ironman Lake Placid 2010
– Did my first ever Triathlon Relay: I did the swim/bike legs and a friend did the run. We smoked it, got 1st and won by 11min, 23sec.
– Spending time with all of my Tri friends throughout the year

A low-light was the closing of the only area tri store, Peak Performance. In addition to sponsoring many, many races, they also hosted the local triathlon club, Team Nor’Easter. I will miss the store, the staff and the monthly club meetings where I could catch up with everybody.

Family Highlights
– April 14, 2009 counts as one of the best days of my life: my daughter was born
– Spending a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard with my family and baby girl for a wedding
– Spending every minute possible with my new daughter and watching her grow
– Wife springing a surprise birthday party for me with friends–still a ways away from a new AG
– Celebrating the holidays with our new family–running around like crazy trying to democratically visit everyone, and trying to keep the baby from eating wrapping paper, Christmas ornaments and any other debris on the floor

Look for another post outlining my goals for 2010.
Here are a few key photos of 2009:



One response

11 01 2010
Megan Smith

I’m so proud of you! You are going to rock 2010; I don’t know anyone who works harder and deserves to become an Ironman. You already are one to me. 🙂

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